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Live Music. It's something that unites people from around the globe. During these tough times we're all missing going to see our favourite bands, standing in line waiting to buy merch and spending way too much money on over priced beer. Its always been worth it though, because you get to see a band or musician you love. It's these simple things that we took for granted, such as live music. Because it's always been there.

Thankfully musicians miss performing as much as we miss seeing them perform, so they've gotten creative during the pandemic. If you follow any artists on social media I'm sure you've noticed that live streaming has become a popular way for them to stay connected with their fans. It has been amazing to see the music industry stay united in such dark times. Now like I had mentioned artists are getting creative during this pandemic, which has brought us to where we are presently and that is Drive in concerts.

Drive in concerts give you the opportunity to see live music, safely. I don't know about you but I love the concept.

Gord Bamford has been making his way around Alberta, Canada doing drive in concerts, not only to bring fans together but to support the Gord Bamford foundation while doing so. The Gord Bamford foundation supports various charities and organizations so when you're attending one of Gord's drive in shows, you're not only supporting an artist you're supporting a good cause too.

What can you expect from a drive in concert? You are directed to a parking stall upon your arrival, where you not only have a big stage to view the show, there's also two big screens for you to view. Trucks were a popular choice for fans because they setup chairs, blankets, even beds in the back to enjoy the live music. And don't forget the snacks, I saw a lot of pizza during this show and yes I totally wanted a piece.

I wish I could truly explain what I saw on the faces of the fans during the show, but in the simplest of words I saw hope. For some, this is exactly what they needed, to feel a little sense of normal for the first time, in a long time. Yes things were a little different but it didn't change the fact that everyone was there for the same reason, the love of music. Music heals, and I could see the worry wash away. These fans had an incredible evening and it was a beautiful thing to not only witness, but capture.

Sylvan Lake, Alberta September 19th 2020

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